Brand News – 2011

Girl, your eyes are the windows to your soul
I can see myself inside of you
Losing control
Your eyes are the windows to your soul
I can see myself as part of you
And now I’m whole
Verse I

Cool as Isis
come with a flow, straight priceless
witness the nicest since Lebron left em lifeless
the type just…
call me a crisis
I might just
spark up a blunt
bow to my highness
but my time is
better spent on the grind
nine to five
day and night
future behind
two low eyes
and you won the door prize
no disquise
brave the slings before the arrow flies
My ego supersized
too great for stupid lies
to lead to my demise
it’s unwise
to be against me
push the pedal to the floor until I’m empty
heavy metal on dis flow
but eaze it gently
I’m simply
too great to never make it
so I cook the flow
percolate it
word to nathan
neva foresaken
you dont wanna change the station
so rise to your feet
join the ovation
Verse 2

They say
for every door thats closed
theres a window opened
so i make sure my love is spoken
and this a token
a piece of my soul
I had wrapped up until you stole
love took its toll
(My) hearts only goal
is to find another
someone like my mother
to care for me and kinda smother
cuz i’m a big boy
fiercely independed
so i need a girl ever attendant
together we are ascendent
sleep amongst the stars
out of body
out of mind
above the painful scars
that life imparts
time for a fresh start
it’s a new day
go your own way
long as you ridin next to me always babay
some would say
our castles made of sand
you’re still a girl and I’m a man
but I comprehend
us together
forever any weather
till that day we always tethered
never surrender
Hook (4X)


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