Brand New – 2011


Sometimes when I think
I can’t find words
and my world starts to shrink
I feel out of sync
(i) think we’re at the brink
of turning the page
then it’s gone in a blink
a page with no ink
I done seen through the trees
the forest in plain view
you’re still clearing you’re debris
its no fatal decree
but we have to try harder
or we just keep running laps
Coach Carter
you’re my firestarter
hot as the sun
so we both burn bright until the wood is gone
then the morning comes
it’s a brand new day
but we’re still acting out the same scenes of the play
I feel no progression
the only time there is connection
is shared affection
amazing love session
but true love is displayed
always in the single most mundane ways
I’m not saying we’re in love
but the act of love making
fits us like a glove
if only it could shove
how we put ourselves above
if you’re gonna be my queen
then I must be your king
it’s not really about whose possessing
we belong to eachother
i don’t mean to smother
but I don’t want another
I think we could be lovers
but in order to be
you’re gonna have to pay more attention to me
hold me close, keep me tight
love me right
If i’m ever feeling bad
tell me it will be alright
If i’m ever walking next to you
touch me slight
grab at my skin
throughout the night
If i ever want to fight for you
let me be you’re night
I think I’m always right, so be polite
and with that we might
come together
so everybody knows
we was joined at the hip
but now we’re joined at the soul
so everybody knows
we were joined at the hip
but now we’re joined at the soul


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