This song is about ridding your life of vices and living for a purpose.  Thanks for listening!





I’m my way to rehab
Get my head out the cloud of smoke
thats slowly choke-
My life away
These be the realest words I ever spoke
In blood this verse it wrote
Its a paradigm shift
No more dependence on spliffs
to light my way
The sun champions another day
Through faith and love
mine’ll be the life I save

Verse 1

They say
the life you save may be your own
truer words were never thrown
To cliche status
live life way above the stratus-
Only fear to be mere
Untapped potential
the sheer
magnitude of what I have to do
Put myself on these beats
so you can hear the truch
slangin out the booth
But first
gotta clean my act up
So tuff
when social life is active
And the friends you keep
almost never sleep
Living zombies, praying for the next creep
Next lick
the world turns so quick
Life’s bitter-sweet
the taste make you sick
Put yourself in a coma with soma
and never wake up to smell the rose’s aroma


Verse 2

Life’s a journey
you heard me
Don’t enjoy the passage
destination wont matter
So my paradigm shatters
under the weight of my goals
Truth be told
i was too old like 5 years ago
To live like a child
Drink and be wild
Meant drink and be merry
But theres no party when you barely
scraping by
the naked eye
Sees through the front
you a ghost with a stunt
But all acts fade
from a darker shade of grey
to pitch black
Then the demons pray
on the souls of the weak
Take advantage of the meek who seek
acceptance in essence
Their mere presence begs questions
Will we ever learn our lessons?

Hook X2


This lifes a journey
some times you lose your way
When that happens
get back on your path
and keep steppin
For the night will always bring another day
Legit Slangs
Killa B
Hip P
Thats the Movement
lets do it


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