Make It Happen | Performed By: Legit Slangs

Brands News | 2011


Yeah, it’s JT, baby
Little mixtape track, little idea I had
Hope you like it
It’s gonna be pretty simple
little beat, little drum section
nothing too spectacular
Just giving you what I got on my chest

Verse 1

It’s time to make it happen
been in a holding pattern
runnin rings ’round Saturn
thats why them people been askin
When my album smashin?
Shake, rattle, crashin
Drop it on the charts
lean back and catch the action
How I took it back
to the basics, face it
amazin spit
and my grill’s legit
But I ain’t iced up
it’s my smile just
gas your girl, she on empty, now she filled up
And I feeled up her thigh
now she anxious
Scoop to the spot
I’m in her belly like she ate it
Yeah, I made it
I’m already famous
while you lames just rust until you ancient
I neva get older
I only grow colder
all this hate turned a small chip into a boulder
that landed on my shoulder
I’m on my Atlas practice
press that bitch up
spark a blunt, and relax
It’s JT, slang that legit speak
just me
drinkin my own Kool-Aid till I’m tipsy
and you can’t miss me
cuz I ain’t neva leaving
If even breathing, I spit like a heathen
Label me the reason your daddy got a shot gun
I turn his daugher to my girl
like he never got one
You’re out of options, all you do is press play
It’s JT, blowin on this mic


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