I’m So Me | Performed By: Legit Slangs

Brands News | 2011


Cuz I’m So Me
Swag soakin, toastin, twisted on the potion
Dat’s who I’m gon be
legit boastin, roastin, my mind in slower motion
And you gon see
Posted with my red bone notion, call her Sally Ocean (delay)
No one but me
Dats who I be
Cuz I’m so me

Verse 1

Sometimes, I’m too damn me
but I ain’t neva change
If success a lady
muthafuck a wedding ring
fuck what that lady bring
I know who I am
You can try to pull me
but you just grabbin strands
You can try to fool me
got the world in my hands
Head all in the clouds
and my feet all in the sands
That’s just who I be
self-righteous indignation only thing thats fueling me
Too stubborn to ever fail
but to lazy to succeed
I’m neva settling
Point into the clouds
before each and every swing
Jacked like amphetamines
I ain’t neva sleep
I’m too busy winning rings
I ain’t neva stop
thats the reason I’m the king
And fuck all that bling
I’m forever shimmering
Shinning example of what hard work bring
Hard-Body God, bring your offering


Verse 2

Shallow dude
but rhymes got more depth
than the deep end of your swimming pool

(break to comment)

now she hooked, I’m a charmer
Slipped right through her armor
straight into her arms
dropped her coach
I’m a starter
We don’t need dem bags
we fly further
No tix, no guest pass, no charter
No tricks, I ain’t gettin at your garter
Ha, I figured you was smarter
Just how deep in your soul do you wanna go
my hands at your levy till you feel the water flow
And there it go
it’s so apropos
Ride all night
and tomorrow no show
Cuz I got a show
It’s in a different city
in a different life you’d be maybe coming with me
But it’s a different night, I got a lot of love, you feel me
Embrace my love, don’t it make you feel pretty
It’s that love that lift you when you feelin shitty
but I’m that type that leave you when the winds be shifty
and for that,
they label me a “Scoundrel”
spit game, found those
dic game, animals
Switch game, now my nickname became valuable
JT, Legit Slangs, you didn’t know, now you know
Yeah, JT, now you know
Legit Slangs, the best kept secret told

Hook (X2)


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