Half Ounce Problems is an idea that came about while I was recovering from knee surgery.  I just wanted time to pass, so I kept feeding my head until I couldn’t feel anything.  The song doesn’t have the greatest subject matter, but you can’t save the world everyday.  I also stole the bassline progression from Em, but he stole it from Eddie Money, so I don’t feel that bad 🙂



I bought a half-ounce for myself to smoke
Said I’m feeling low man and I need to toke
Cuz I bought a half-ounce for myself to smoke
Think I’m falling down man, and I need some hope
Cuz I bought a half-ounce for myself to smoke
Life’s real crazy now man, I need to cope
Cuz I bought a half-ounce for myself to smoke
Yeah, and we blowin out the pound


Yeah, little kids gather round
I ain’t no role model, and this ain’t how they sound
Lookin for problems I got em,
half-ounce kind, shoot through your hood like Robin
Yeah I’m ridin’ shotgun
servin all my problems to anyone who want one
And if you want one, you got one
escape is not an option
But of course him, it’s jt
sicker than he may be
crazy, amazing
still greatness in him
Sink my teeth in the mic
release the venom
Wipe me down so clean
girl bleech my denim
From the beginning
a leaf off my family tree
Grew up, wonder why nobody look like me
Blew up, but still nobody bookin me
Got screwed up, only amplified the crook in me
thought when they had they hands up
it was for applause
they just wanted encores
Instead I’m tossed out of doors
kicked off stage
boy, they even released the dogs
So now I’m back to spittin bars
another album flop, there ain’t no one at my shows
I been through the lows
I done seen the lows
So when they say success comes easy
beleive me
You can run until your feet bleed
believe me
I’ma smoke until the weed leave
shake the streets like a stampede
Thats me
Mr. Never-made-a-damn-thing
Mr. Never-do-a-damn-thing
champion, choir sing
Out the forge comes the sword
All I do is press record

Hook X2


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