Get Up On It

Legit Single – 2010


Ha, JT. Legit Slangs. So, my idea for the hook came from this old school song that I can’t seem to find. So I am totally stealing the idea. My B; It happens, baby.


Get Up On This
Shake It, Shake It
Get Up On This
Pop It, Pop It
Get Up On This
Twerk It, Twerk It
Get Up On This
Drop It, Drop It
Get Up On This
Shake (Delay)
Girl Shake Dat Ass
Shake (Delay)
Girl Shake Dat Ass

(Verse 1)

I’m so on it high off chronic in da club how shorty flaunt it
Shake it fast until I want it got it flip it back upon yo boy
Ride Tonka toys
Blaze my trail like Brandon Roy
Dats Net 50 flow so shifty hit once gone forever miss me
Toss black jacks you’ll never split me
3 bottles I’m just that pissy
Drunk texting hope shorty hit me back on hip
Stacks on deck
Tats on flex
Rep no rest
Steady lookin for next ex
Thats what it
No Secret
Bouncing to another hit


(Verse 2)

Spit game the best, it’s JT talkin them dames undressedED
Let hit
East Side Tuscon
Smoke another blunt, get baked, so cruton
I’m so futon
How I lay it down
Pour up another round
Just vibe to the sound
Lean back
Let the 808 massage ya
Drink that
Don’t stop till the nausua
Set in Thats called the revolver
Learn how a sorority girl mating calls ya
I’m so drunk
I’m so high
Lets meet in your middle
Let the time fly
I’ll rhyme you a riddle
While I dip slide
Theres a time and a place
Don’t always coincide
And you bonified at my party
Girl may stay
But her panties leave early



People wonder why I do what I do and act the way I act. It all goes back to how I was brough up and because
Im a Frat Boy
Frat Boy
Frat Boy
(repeated 4 more times, then 2 measure repeat)

(Verse 3)

Frat boy for life
Kappa Sig brothers so tight
Dont assume you know the type
Game peep game You aint in my sight
We here tonight
Cuz we trying to get up
Got down so hard
Now we damn near stuck
You out of luck
I pulled my started
Whistles blown
Im so coach Carter



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