Song Title: Do Something
Off The Album: Brand News


You ain’t really want it with me, dawg
why you frontin?
Let’s keep it real, patna
you only talking when you bluntin’
Let’s Do Something
ha ha ha, Do Something
Just Do Something
da da da da So Something
When we face to face
you keep your voice low, actin scary
I turn my back
this bitch is singing like Mariah Carey
So Do Something
ha ha ha, Do Something
Bitch, Do Something
da da da da Do Something

(Verse I)
Do Something
or you need to keep your mouth shut
Cuz all that hatin’
only gets you taken to the cut
N’ watch your girl
man, I seen the way she licks her lips
Give me visions
of how her and I can play some tips
Tip drill if you wanna
i’m all up in the booth
gettin’ smoked like marijuana
And on my honor
i’ll eat her up just like a Donner
N’ make her wonder
how i keep it up a little longer
n’ Do Something
if you want your style heard this winter
i’m bout to take the game
and we be gone through November
Burn some timber
lean back, try to mute the whispers
N’ switch your face up, dawg
i ain’t even kiss her
i just took her too the telli
now it’s all gravy
She took me to the belly
called it makin babies
i had to laugh
pulled it out
this sprayin babies
Then i wiped her down
damn, i love the ladies


(Verse II)
Ha ha ha ha ha
Who’s runnin with J
who’s gunnin at me
Ya’ll dudes nuthin, i’m
so consequential
blowin on dat presidential
N’ if she drops it fast
i’ll make it rain somethin torrential
When it’s me
you know i’m always swagged out
i hit the block so hard
i think this bitch is blacked out
N’ thats how
i throw rocks up out a glass house
while you haters float on
Modest Mouse
Look up her blouse
i think this world smells like pussy
i get my Scarface on
and ask her will she do me
Do something to me
i think i’m fallin out of touch
Drink like a fish
n’ my realities twisted in my dutch
Sometimes i wish
i was beyond this mortal crutch
i ask my Momma
n’ she just say i smoke too much
i got a hunch
think i’m surrounded by some snakes
So Do Something muthafucka
while i grab the rake

[Hook 2X]


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