Answer Me | Performed By: Legit Slangs

Legit Single – 2010


Legit Slangs. Too many questions, too few answers.


Will I Meet You in the Aftermath?
Answer Me
Am I Headed Down the Right Path?
Answer Me
Does a Sinner Always Face Your Wrath?
Answer Me
Answer Me
Answer Me
Why Don’t You Take the Pain Away?
Answer Me
Do You Hear the Prayer I Give Today?
Answer Me
Is Love Truly the Only Way?
Answer Me
Answer Me
Answer Me

(Verse 1)

Bow my head
Give thanks to the man
Provider of the blessing I am witnessing
A family I love
And friends to depend
A job to pay the bills
That keep comin in
They dont stop comin in
But that can’t keep the smile from covering
The doubt
The guessin
The anger
The question
No bullshit
No stressin
No flexin
Dem actions that lead to aggression
Just wishin
The Lord would give me a blessing
I think I leaned my lesson
I know I learned my lesson
God forgive me for the pain
Dont lessen
My resolve
When I cry your name confessing
Press on
I think we made progression
I think I made progression.


(Verse 2)

I don’t need critical acclaim
I just want to know someone is listening
To dese tracks
And the prayer I give today
Burn incense just to light the way
Footsteps in sand get blown away
But your hold on my heart that gives no sway
By my side when I feel no pain
On my back when I walk the other way
Lift me up in times of need
So Im ridin piggy back and pickin up speed
My shepard got his kiddy back and Ill never leave
I’ll never fold
I’ll forever be
Basking in His glow like the Tucson heat
Rippin up flows on dis Killa B beat
Praise to His name
Master of my heart
Captain of my ship
I’ll never steer off chart.


Yeah, it’s JT. Try not to soap box too much, but I’ve been moving in the wrong direction. I lost the subtlety in my music. I lost the sincerity. But Im back. This one is for you, oh fallen world. This one is for me. So I ask you, whats truly important in life?


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