All Swag | Performed By: Legit Slangs

Brands News | 2011

Truly loved and much requested
felt the game so hard this bitch molested
first take, never second-guessed it
called the best it’s
just a playas rep, it’s
Swagga steppin’ that’s my weapon
split the swisha like a C-section
ease back hard body flexin’
Known to ship pavement
Peep the statement
at my arraignment
good intentions not withstanding
too much to lament
So where the lames went
I’m back, fully loaded
strapped with some newly quoted tracks
and this girly throatin’ sacks
Bet I be the only one
Jt Legit Slangs
Well equipped to frames
liquid spit to leave stains
Best attend my shows in your swimsuit
Ladies bring that ass through
thong song review
Peep you, how you wiggle back and forth
Lean back, I’m bout to make that pussy talk
Holla at yo boy!
I spit so sick
you could call my shit vomit
still you muthafuckas want it
So now, I’m slangin chronic
how I got them fiends haunted

Special Thanks

We would like to thank the University of Arizona Student Radio station. KAMP radio is keeping the spirit of free radio alive with it’s excellent programming and interesting hosts.


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