Answer Me – Legit Slangs | Hip Hop Lyrics

Answer Me | Performed By: Legit Slangs Legit Single – 2010 (Intro) Legit Slangs. Too many questions, too few answers. (Hook) Will I Meet You in the Aftermath? Answer Me Am I Headed Down the Right Path? Answer Me Does a Sinner Always Face Your Wrath? Answer Me Answer Me Answer Me Why Don’t You ….  Read More

All Swag – Legit Slangs | Hip Hop Lyrics

All Swag | Performed By: Legit Slangs Brands News | 2011 Truly loved and much requested felt the game so hard this bitch molested first take, never second-guessed it called the best it’s just a playas rep, it’s Swagga steppin’ that’s my weapon split the swisha like a C-section ease back hard body flexin’ Known ….  Read More